Friday, January 7, 2011

Insomiacs United

Well the perils of taking a nap in the early evening are upon me...not the lack of sleep but the insomnia caused by sleeping too early in the evening, waking up, having a late dinner, and now being unable to go back to sleep... Having exhausted my facebook trawl through everyone's profiles and played some Millionaire City and Bejeweled Blitz I now find myself turning to my blog for therapy.

It has been almost four months since Alice and I migrated to Queensland, Australia. In the time that we have been here much has kept us busy. Alice found employment very quickly and has been working virtually since we arrived. It took me about six weeks to get work, even though I submitted over 90 job applications. Funny thing is that I am still receiving responses from many of those that I applied for months ago.

Two of our daughter's who live in New Zealand have surprised us with visits since then as well and we are looking forward to Lois' return in February with her boyfriend. In preparation for this we have been apartment hunting and have found something that fits our requirements perfectly. Now to save the money for our bond and advance rent. Our plan has always been to rent a fully furnished apartment in the Gold Coast. Firstly we always wanted to live in the Gold Coast and secondly we did not bring any furniture with us the best option is to rent a furnished apartment. Also becuase it will only be Alice, myself and our youngest daughter, Celeste a small apartment will suffice. We have settled on a three bedroom as this will provide us space for guests, especially our girls in NZ and our kids and grandkids here in Queensland.

So the journey continues and we settle into our work. Alice with Safe Places for Children and I with WealthBuilt Investment Education. The change of employment has been an eye opener from University life to Real Estate and having gained my certification to work in this area the options are varied.

I miss the life and activity of university employment. The stability, the challenging platform of inspiring and motivating young people in transforming lives and fulfilling dreams!

Plus its true to say that we really miss all our friends and family in NZ. The transition has been semaless, but the yearning for some of the good ole times is close to our hearts.

We continue to walk by faith and God has blessed us imeasureably...Jehovah jireh!