Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fathers' Day 2014

Today I stop and ponder more about the many 'Fathers' during my life. No I only had one Dad but many 'fathers' who demonstrated what being a man is and isn't and helped me make better decisions along the way.

Every day I remember my own Dad - Vui Peni Lameko Luteru, one of Lano's finest, who was the best Dad ever! He shaped, molded, led, cajoled, inspired, motivated, witnessed, and  served me into manhood - and I met Jesus through my Dad. I'm glad I was always surrounded by the best role models of being a Father. Many, like my Dad, have passed on but their legacies are not forgotten, Their lessons I uphold as part of the fabric of my life and to my growing clan now. There are so many to mention everyone but some I must;

Grandpa Pimoe Leati - I knew you as a very staunch disciplinarian but your legacy is alive through all of your generations - my Mum and Aunties and Uncles show me the real you! Your land in Solaua is still sacred to us as is your resting place. I love to go there and feel peace and present with God and nature. Thank you for the life you gave to us you offspring
Uncle Lino Leo - I always marveled at how you could play the guitar so well while drawing on a cigarette burning ash. I'm not sure which was busier your barber shop or your umu hut... but you, Aunty and the kids always made us welcomed.
Uncle Graham Greenfield who taught me palagi ways and took me along with their family to places I only thought palagi's were allowed to go! Your Bible stories and crafts were unforgettable...I saw Jesus through you too.
Uncle Johnny Pimoe who, unknowing funded many of my childhood adventures (thanks for dropping all that money on the floor under your bed when you came home at drunk at night!),
Cousin Peni Tautai - who brought me my first guitar and gave me my first car - Chrysler Valiant 70's - temporarily that is, until you got you license back six months later. I still enjoyed driving that beast around REWA with my sidekick Dougie Purea. You were gone too soon cuzz but never forgotten - you would be proud of your children!

Thank you to all the Father's I know who have been the Priests of their home and led their families to the foot of the cross to look up and see Jesus. Thank you for giving your sons and daughters stability and guidance, leadership and leverage for better communities and a society that knows Dad's and Mum's in a the home. 

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