Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon...

It's always enriching when people come into your life and bless you, but when its a dog that's really different.

I remember growing up our family had a pet dog - Sandy! She was a great dog, friendly, loving, playful and a great companion for us kids. I don't ever remember having to pick up dog poop around the yard and that's probably due to the fact that our family had a 'plantation' in the back yard - a taro plantation at that! Dad turned the back yard into his slice of paradise, minus the beach front view and the tropical warmth of Lano, Savaii where he grew up.

So I guess Sandy's place to poop was the plantation and nitrogen for the lawns - no wonder our gardens were always fruitful!

Anyhow the dog that Alice got for our grandson Kavell just left and who would have thought it would have been such a sad occasion. To see him loaded up on the back of the truck and to bid him farewell seemed like a straightforward exercise, it was! But after he left the thoughts flooded in of the wonderful dog he was and the great times I had with him. So much that I cried with the memories cascading through my mind...Anyone who has owned a dog and spent loving times with them will know the experience. What a wussy!

One member of our family has just departed. I know he will be going to a better place. Somewhere he can run freely and have a companion - his new owner has a 4 acre fully fenced property and a golden retriever. So Yankee will be well looked after! No more being chained up all day and having to entertain himself by barking at the birds eating from his food bowl and bathing in his water bowl.

Now I know what Alice went through that morning she said goodbye to our other dog Smoocha the cuddly Bichon Frize who now has a happy home with our niece and her family.

Well when your pet is really part of your family them's the breaks!

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