Monday, August 16, 2010


Its surreal cleaning up the yard and throwing out a whole lot of rubbish that has been gathering since we moved into this new home in 2007. It was August 26, 2007 when we moved into on new home 'Buckland Palace' as it was so appropriately named by our son-in-law Afi Lama. I remember that weekend well. It was saturday evening after Sabbath that we attempted to move in. The problems is that our real estate broker had gone away for the weekend and forgot to notify us and the then tenants how we were going to take possession of the property.

Once we finally gained possession of the key we moved as much as we could on Saturday night. The old rental at Tui Road had served us well for over a decade and moving into our own home was a tremendous feeling. Well the thought of moving out looms closely as Alice and I prepare to migrate to Australia.

In making the move we have had a list of things to do before we depart and clearing up the rubbish around the property was one of those. Actually in July the inorganic rubbish was collected for Mangere but somehow we missed out on receiving the flyer notifying us and therefore missed out on the collection...

So having planned to remove all our unwanted junk on a specific weekend I made sure we had use of the church trailer and filled it to the brim with garbage - old beds, frames, plastic, wooden pallets, old carpet pieces, buckets, fragments of toys and a whole heap of other bits and pieces. Fortunately Alice's cousin ensured that we were able to dump it all for free - cheers Cuzzie!

Sorting out my library was a task that I was putting off because there are so many books that I'd love to keep and take with me. However the whole process has be cathartic for me and Alice as we rid ourselves of a myriad of possessions that we have no further need of. Its like a clean sweep, wiping the slate clean and starting all over again, which it is really.

We are goingt omiss our daughters who remain in New Zealand and our precious grand-son, whom we would love to take with us. I suppose its a consolation that we get to spend time with the rest of our grandchildren and daughters whom we have been apart from for several years now.

I'm looking forward to the move and so is Alice. We're quite excited actually. We have no jobs, no money, and very few possessions that we will take with us but a strong faith in God and a belief that he will provide - Jehovah Jireh!

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