Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rainy Days & Rainy Nights

The weather in Auckland is a popular talking point for locals. We have a saying, "Auckland is where can experience all four seasons in one day!". However during the winter there's just one thing that you experience - RAIN!

It seems like July and August are the two months of the year that it rains continuously in Auckland. Day and night, day after day, weeks roll in to months of ugly wet cold weather.

The front lawn has reached saturation point and with nowhere else to go the water logged soil becomes a bog! No where else is this phenomenon experienced but Auckland, City of Sails, New Zealand. I hate the rain in New Zealand. At least in the tropics when it buckets down the rain is a tepid welcoming comfort - here today gone the next.

Funny thing is that it never seems to rain in the right place here in New Zealand. Farmers suffering from drought in the South Island and the North Island gets the torrential downpours. Reservoirs running low in the ranges and its rains elsewhere.

What is there to like about the rain? Can't mow the lawn when it's raining - now there's a plus! Can't hang the washing when it's raining - minus! Get to chill in the fale and watch movies - good for one day and longer and I go stir crazy! The grass looks greener after it rains, and the airs always refreshing after it rains...

Oh well sounds like it's stopped raining outside...maybe I'll go out and play...not at 11:40pm at night...rain rain go away come again after I've left for sunny Queensland!

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